2012 Conference Participating Organizations

2012 Conference Speakers Biographies

The available conference presentations are linked to the program below-just click on the presentation name or author and if available the pdf version of the presentation can be viewed (pdf). The presentations are also available as separate PDF(iPad compatible) files below the agenda.



Presentations in PDF-Day One

Introduction-Xing Ye

Sustainability Initiatives-Veronica Booth

Sustainability Initiatives-Noeleen Tillman

Sustainability Initiatives-Fer van de Laar

Terminal Efficiency-Kevin Maggay

Terminal Efficiency-Mark Sisson

Sustainable Management Practices-Ai-Hua Shen

Sustainable Management Practices-Rick Cameron

Sustainable Management Practices-Kathryn Curtis

Climate Change-Takehito Fujita

Climate Change-Lisa Wunder

Climate Change-Vladimir Stenek

Climate Change- Nidhi Kalra

Presentations in PDF-Day Two

Welcome Back-Robert Kanter

Economic Stability-Andreas Nordseth

Economic Stability-Herb Zimmer

Economic Sustainability-Galen Hon

Social Responsibility-Harald Jaeger

Social Responsibility-Duncan Wilson

Social Responsibility-Cynthia Ruiz

Delivering Sustainability-Challenges and Oportunities-Lee Kindberg

PPCAC Sustainability Survey-Jan Green Rebstock

Potential Workgroup Topics-Christopher Patton