First Pacific Ports Conference 2006

Session 1. Need for Green Ports and International Collaboration

Keynote Address: Jerry Clifford, US Environmental Protection Agency, Sustainable Ports and Carriers-500 Kb-download pdf
Boo-Won Kang, Busan Port Authority, Port of Busan, Efforts for Green Port-2 MB-download pdf
Capt. Takehiko Nakayama, Nagoya Port Authority, Green and Friendly Port - 2 MB-download pdf
Ralph Appy, Ph.D., Port of Los Angeles, Need for Green Ports and International Collaboration-1.2 MB-download pdf
Xiao Feng, Shanghai Port Administration Center, Building a Better Ecological Environment & Improving Port Environmental Quality – Objectives and Measures for the Construction of Shanghai Ecological Port-1.6 MB-download pdf

Session 2. Classification Societies and Their Role with Ocean-Going Vessels

Adrian Tolson, Chemoil, Low Sulfur Fuel Availability in the Pacific Rim Ports-1.6 MB-download pdf
Alistair Stubbs, Lloyd’s Register, Future Regulations and Green Ship Certification-580 Kb-download pdf
Thomas Hartmann, Germanischer Lloyd, Standardization of Shore Connection Systems-500 Kb-download pdf
Tony Teo, Det Norske Veritas, SOx Emission Control Areas-1.1 MB-download pdf

Session 3. Alternative Maritime Power/Cold-Ironing

Eric Caris, Port of Los Angeles, Alternative Maritime Power at the Port of Los Angeles and Beyond-1.4 MB-download pdf
Maurits Prinssen, Port of Rotterdam, Shore Connected Power-3 MB-download pdf
Rob Waterman, Metropolitan Stevedore Company, Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System-1.6 MB-download pdf
Vahik Haddadian, Port of Los Angeles, AMP – Alternative Maritime Power, Shore-to-Ship Electrical Connection at Port of Los Angeles-1.5 MB-download pdf

Session 4. Foundation of Air Quality Programs: Emissions Inventory Roundtable

Barbara Cole, Port of Seattle, Puget Sound Maritime Air Emissions Inventory-1 MB-download pdf
Yang Dongqing, Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, Emission Inventory of Marine Vessels in Shanghai Port- 400 Kb-download pdf
Paul Johansen, Port of Los Angeles and Thomas Jelenic, Port of Long Beach – joint presentation, 2005 Emission Inventory Findings-1 MB-download pdf
Wayne Pighin, APM Terminals, APM Terminals-1.4 MB-download pdf

Session 5. New Technologies in Engine, Shipbuilding and Emission Testing – An Industry Perspective

Keynote Address: Barry Wallerstein, Ph.D., South Coast Air Quality Management District, Forging Partnerships for Clean Air-1.6 MB-download pdf
W. Guy Fox, Guy Fox, Inc., Emerging Emissions Reduction Technology for Auxiliary Engines-500 Kb-download pdf
Kjeld Aabo, MAN B&W Diesel Group, How Engine Manufacturers are Meeting the Challenge by Refining their Technologies Within Exhaust Gas Emission-1.1 MB-download pdf
Arnauld Filancia, Wartsila, Emission Control Technologies and Regulations for Marine Installations (Scheduled to speak, unable to attend)-1.3 MB-download pdf
Wayne Miller, Ph. D., University of California, Riverside, Vessel Emissions: Regulated and Beyond-1 MB-download pdf

Session 6. Programs to Reduce Port Related Emissions

Matthew Tsang, Hong Kong Environmental Protection Division, Marine Emissions in Hong Kong-100 Kb-dowload pdf
Mike Scheible, California Air Resources Board, ARB’s Programs to Reduce Port-Related Emissions-1.5 MB-download pdf
Paul Johansen, Port of Los Angeles and Thomas Jelenic, Port of Long Beach – joint presentation, San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan-1.2 MB-download pdf
Xiao Feng, Shanghai Port Administration Center, Current Situation and Future Prospect: Environmental Protection of Shanghai Port-750 Kb-download pdf

Final Closing Statement

Final Closing Statement-800 Kb-download pdf